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Had a good time with this one.  Sparked a number of thoughts and questions.  Played it on my channel.





Hello! Had fun spawning juice. I added it to the short videos I make if you want to check it out. :) Thank you! 


Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video.


banana juice

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update: juice glass got stuck behind and broke

update 2:i broke the game and finished it at the same time because i spammed space


oh yes PLeaseYEs: Thank you for this. Wow

(1 edit) in love......why?......¯\_(ツ)_/¯....all i know is it makes me go.......YES

yes high quality gaming


When you can't aim.


best strategy


I also really love juice.


hell yeah! juice forever :~)


Had fun playing this!


glad you had fun, loved the video!

Just wanted to drop by to point out that Juice is #36 on the list of The 100 Best Free Indie Games of All Time, below Butterfly Soup but just above Waltz of the Wizard, two very fine games.

The 100 Best Free Indie Games of All Time


I enjoyed this far to much! So innovative, and so playful! Thanks for making it. : )


awwwwwww, thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm so glad you like it :~)



<3 <3 < 3

hey aadgasdgfadgd  ghgh cant you please put the web player behind a link or something, if you don't want me to play it, it's killing my browser, I could barely type this comment


Wow, hadn't really introspected on juice despite drinking it so much. Nice game.


thanks! I'm glad I could you introspect a little bit. 

Hilarious and fun. Loved it.


I had a fun game. Thank you. It was a bit difficult but it was a good time.


Awww, thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you had fun. If you ever get stuck on a level for too long I recommend just creating a lot of juice cartons really quickly, they usually fill the glass on their own. . .

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I had something of a headache this morning so I put whatever fruit around the kitchen I could find in the blender--half an iffy peach, some fridge burnt strawberries, some old shoe-smelling papaya, and the juice of two over ripe tangerines--and made a large glass of juice. While I was pulsing  the blender it, Henry dropped by and so I poured him half. We talked for a while and then, after Henry took off, I walked to the office. I worked for a while, and then glanced at the Twitter and ended up playing Juice.

Juice might be my fave Crawlspace game. 

Next time, I'm going to try it with a controller, my pouring skills aren't great. 

Likewise, 10 out 10, will play again.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


10 outa 10 would recommend