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In over your head with no easy way out, you find yourself stuck in the parking lot nervously awaiting your fate.


Fidget with your LOKIA™ phone to pass the time. Change your background or ringtones, play Snake, and more! 


Tune into the late night radio to listen to DJ Jack bring you original songs written specifically for The Interlude! 

- - - - - FEATURES - - - - -

  • The Interlude is a realtime first person anti-thriller, designed to be played in a single 10 minute play session. 
  • Explore and customize your Lokia™ phone, including: 
    • A fully playable version of Snake!
    • Browse the internet
    • Ringtones 
    • Backgrounds
    • and more! 
  • More than 10 minutes of late night radio featuring original songs written for the game! 
  • The Interlude is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Press Screenshots

- - - - - CREDITS - - - - -

@small_signs - phone design, programming

@colestia3 - environment design, programming

Darcy Welsh & @colestia3 - Original Composition

Portia & Jack - Radio Voices

- - - - -

Thanks for playing ! 


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(111 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Experimental, First-Person, Lo-fi, Minimalist, Mystery, Short, Singleplayer


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just gotta say i always come back just for the sheer vibe experience, awesome radio music


Thank you so much! My co-developer Colestia did the music, and I couldn't agree more :) 

Playing Snake with a mouse was brutal, but the concept is just great. Well done!

I included The Interlude as part of a vid on horror themed games @ 1:10:17


this game is so fun i find my self coming back to play this mutapull times  


I'm so glad to hear that! It's one of my favorite projects :)

whats that song on the radio if you made it its pretty good.

Colestia, the other dev on the project, made the song with some of his friends! All of the radio is custom made. I really love the song, and I'm glad you like it too!


Idea and execution just can't be appreciated enough. Really unique experience. It is something will stick to me for a long time, have a lot of questions needed to be asked to myself about game- and narrative design

is there anywhere i can stream the songs? love em 

what is also is that what happens when u score 15


This is by far one of my all time favorites, the story, and just how chill the game is, i would love to see a sequel, or some time of follow up!

if you need ideas or somethin, just dm me, im a click away.


man Imma be honest. I sometimes come here just to chill with the radio and listen to that song again... Great game, music and ambience. This is the perfect example of how soemtimes less is more.


loved the game, unlocked too


Nice!! is pretty hard to get to, good job.


I love this, but I always end up wanting more 


I might be overthinking this, but I'm pretty sure rejecting the call at the end is actually the "good" ending. If you look through your inbox messages, your contact told you that they would be arriving at 10:50, and otherwise you should run. I think the message you get half-way through the game isn't actually from your contact - they've been intercepted, and someone else is in that car.

My theory is that, on the internet option on the phone, there is news about thieves stealing an art piece called, The Twins. It's the same piece that shows on the lokia screen when you boot up the game. I think that you are the person that stole the painting, and are selling it to the contact. The people trying to call them are the police. 

i tried playing the downloaded version for windows. i like it, but the game crashes when i accept the call

Good immersion for micro-game.


what happens if you reject 


this game is sick asf the way it's designed and the music is so cool and it shows what old phones used to be like.Thanks for the game

I loved. It was so imersive that I want to be there for a little bit more and see what happens. Thanks for the game


cool gameee<3

I loved this game the first time I played. Great interaction skills, truly love the phone. This is probably my first or second game I played when I got on this site. Though I do have a few suggestions... I would love it if there was more things to interact with and do. I also think that there should be more things involved in this. Like maybe the guy that you are playing as gets out of the car and can move around. I also would have liked to read that newspaper that was on the back seat. But other than that you guys should really make more of these kind of games.


Hey! Thanks so much. I'm so glad there are still new people finding and enjoying our game. I like your suggestions, and I'd love to one day make a larger Interlude-style game that focuses on all sorts of little mundane activities while still having an involved narrative that plays out in real time. Unfortunately we're both working on different projects for the time being - but who knows! Maybe one day we'll get the band back together to make a follow-up anti-thriller! I know I'd love to one day :~)

Well I'm glad to hear that too. Oh I also liked that Backroom game I think thats what its called too. You guys really do a good job!

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Hey, you know that this game is one of the best games I have ever play just wanted to thank the team who made this game possible:)

Wow!! Thank you so so much, I'm just now seeing this comment and it totally made my day. As half of the team who made this possible I'd like to say a big thank you, I'm really glad it spoke to you :)


So coooooool!!!!


hey i had a hella good time playing your game, just wanted to comment and share my playthrough. following and cant wait to try out other projects by yall!


hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! it was really fun watching your play through :) 


thank you!! ill be playing your other games soon here :^)


I don't get it, the message says if they aren't there by 10:50, then to run, but you can't...


I loved the game and would like to find the songs used; -; I kinda fell in love with them. Seriously, I really wanted these songs, if I can't I will spend a lot of time looking for them


Hahahah, they're all original songs by David Cribb, aka Unfortunately they don't exist outside the game (for now....??). But if you like that music, keep an eye out for our upcoming project: The soundtrack is by David as well, and it's banging :) 

I am waiting for this new game. After I met your game "The Interlude", I reviewed your work and enjoyed it (I'll get the song and nothing can stop me! >:^ ) Hehehe ... you just gained a follower.

Once you rip the music, would you mind sending it to me? I looked everywhere for the ost but couldn't find it. I wanted to listen to the music going to sleep, and then through myself down a 2 hour rabbit hole trying to find it


good game, great for the peoble how like the horror games

you should really make a playlist or something out of these songs, they're really good

Does this game work on 32 systems? i downloaded it but it didn't run

Deleted 3 years ago

ah wow!! really good job. to my knowledge I think you're the current world champ!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Snake champion right here.

Edit: Never mind, somebody else got 37. But I really liked that the story was hidden in the internet stories. It was a lot less sinister than I expected going in.

I'm looking forward to watching the video, thanks for making it! and nice job piecing together bits of the story, I think a lot of people have been overlooking the internet...


Great little game, I like the hints at what's really going on. It's a cool slice of something you usually don't get to see in a situation like a heist: people waiting for other people to show up.


thanks!! we really wanted to highlight the parts of heists you never see. the name of the original unity project folder was: 'the boring part of a heist' 



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also great game, nice atmosphere, graphics and mechanics. Made me feel like i was a kid again playing snake on my moms Nokia heh



thanks so much for the kind words, I used to play snake on my dad's Nokia, and I was definitely trying to capture that feeling :)


I love the atmosphere that was made during this game, especially with the graphics. The radio, the old-school phone, the interactive windshield wiper and lights, they all helped to build into the mood. I genuinely enjoyed this game, and I would love to see more added to this, such as a more interactive car. Thank you for creating this immersive game!


you're very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that you found the button for the wipers! 


Thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Was very interested as to what an anti-thriller would be and you absolutely delivered on that premise. Love the aesthetic, the feel. Great job on the radio tunes and overall such a solid experience. Loved it.


hey! thanks so much for the video! I really enjoyed watching discover all the little details strewn around the car and I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much :) 


Extremely specific vibe you are cultivating here, and I am definitely here for it. Nicely done!


I really love this game. I find this format to be interesting and I'd love to see more of it.
And I did find myself just trying to mess around with everything and longing for there to be pedals to just leave that place because I didn't trust the situation I was currently in. It made me nervous and paranoid. 
Great work!


 thank you so much for the kind words!!!


No problemo! Thank you for making it.


this was a really rich and interesting concept and, i kinda wanna do it more? like this format could do so much?


awww, thanks so much! I agree there's a lot more potential here, and there's more I definitely want to do with this concept, maybe in the future. . . . :~)

please do! I get that it must be tricky trying to work this atmospheric minutia stuff into a longer play, but I've literally never come across anything with this feel or particular kind of immersion - it's really stuck with me -  please, keep it coming!!


Great concept, thanks!

awww, thanks :~) 


I like the game but it just shut down twice. First time once the cab pulled in, second when I received call. The output_log.txt last entry was sth like "Quit request". 

Hey, I'm glad you liked the game and thanks for taking the time to let us know!!

The game shouldn't shut down when the car pulls in, that's definitely a bug and I'm sorry you ran into it.  We'll look into it. 

The second shutdown you describe is the ending, it should cut to black after you answer the phone :) 


Now I recall that after picking up the phone the screen actually did fade to black and game was closed afterwards. Maybe I am old fashioned but I find it quite confusing to game to close on in-game and not menu driven event. Regardless - it was fun to experience the anticipation. Will look forward to your next projects.

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I don't think you're old fashioned at all - though I'm a general fan of the game quitting itself at the end, I've learned that a fair number of people find it confusing. It's something I'm thinking more about going forward. Thanks for the feedback Rostok :) 


I love how such a simple concept can evoke a feeling of anxiety.

I found myself constantly fiddling around stuff in the car and looking at the phone in anticipation.

I'm glad it resonated with you! that's exactly the kind of mood and feeling we were going for - fiddling with the car and the phone, and awaiting the unknown... 

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